How to direct your receive money into an Ecocash wallet

How to direct money into an Ecocash wallet

With MoneyGram you can only receive money in Zimbabwe. However, if you are sending from outside of Zimbabwe, it's easy to send money from a location near you to their Ecocash wallet, with the following steps.

Directed Receive Option

1. Directed Receive Option:

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora complete a MoneyGram transaction and then notify the receiver and provide them with the money transfer code (MTCN). Then as the recipient you:

  • Dial *151# to access the EcoCash Menu
  • Select the Option "EcoCash Diaspora"
  • Select the Option "MoneyGram"
  • Enter the MoneyGram reference number

2. Receive in EcoCash Wallet

After successful authentication the money is directly credited into your EcoCash Wallet.